dagster.file_relative_path(dunderfile, relative_path)[source]

Get a path relative to the currently executing Python file.

This function is useful when one needs to load a file that is relative to the position of the current file. (Such as when you encode a configuration file path in source file and want in runnable in any current working directory)

  • dunderfile (str) – Should always be __file__.

  • relative_path (str) – Path to get relative to the currently executing file.


file_relative_path(__file__, 'path/relative/to/file')
class dagster.ExperimentalWarning[source]
class dagster.utils.forked_pdb.ForkedPdb(completekey='tab', stdin=None, stdout=None, skip=None, nosigint=False, readrc=True)[source]

A pdb subclass that may be used from a forked multiprocessing child


from dagster.utils.forked_pdb import ForkedPdb

def complex_solid(_):
    # some complicated stuff


    # some other complicated stuff

You can initiate pipeline execution via dagit and use the pdb debugger to examine/step through execution at the breakpoint.